#Karnataka is home to several #weaves and the #ilkal saree is our most popular and sought after 6 yard. It’s simplicity is what makes it an exotic, elegant and an easy drape. Woven in the Ilkal town of Bellary district, its one of our oldest weaves tracing back its history to the rulers of the Badami kingdom. Weavers enjoyed royal patronage, making it a popular drape in North Karnataka and bordering Maharashtra towns – the realm of the empire. Woven of natural fibres in combinations of cotton, viscose, silk, the anatomy of saree is almost standardised. The signature “topi-teni” pallu signifies the jowar crop, the saw-tooth like borders represents the brinjal seeds, the red of the pallu, imitating the red soil of the region, the saree screams of local culture and history woven in its warp and weft. While its a style statement with the fashionistas and the city dwellers, its an everyday mundane drape for the locals. My household help from N K’taka, shakes her head in disbelief over my choice in draping a local saree and doesn’t understand how I can embrace the drape so comfortably and inclusively! Little does she know that I am wearing a saree with a great history! Pics shot on site, in the unit of the oldest known weaving family.

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