When Fibre is not just in your diet!

Innovation is not restricted to technology alone! It cuts across industries, including textile industry.
Some amazing innovations are not just path breaking and radical, it also makes sense from a sustainability perspective.
While traditional clothing is drawn from cotton and silk, other naturally occurring plants, fruits and shrubs have found its way to becoming textiles. Banana fiber, pineapple fibre, bamboo fibre, cactus fibre, cellulose pulp, flax seed fibre to name a few.
Linen, a product of flax seed drawn from its stalk is labour intensive and once harvested for fibre cannot be regrown, thus making it premium.
Bamboo, pineapple, banana have been successfully converted into materials, stoles and sarees, as standalone or combined with cotton, viscose for durability.
Cactus fibre being really hardy and tough has found a place as cruelty free leather. Cellulose fibre drawn from wood pulp, called modal silk, results in a highly durable, wrinkle free, tough, crush proof material that is popular for #Ajrakh block printing.
Can I hear someone saying they don’t have a thing to wear?
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